I (DJ Almond Eyez, Black Mantra Creator) went on a quest to find products that could HEAL my skin from the blemishes that were on my face, and also to even my skin tone. My increased interest in holistic healing led me to making The Black Mantra Skin Care product line! Due to the fact that many products use harsh chemicals and synthetic materials to clean the skin, I wanted to use products that only came from the earth. I believe that the earth can supply anything our bodies need to remain healthy and strong. I have found that through avoiding ingesting synthetic foods, and putting synthetic materials on my skin, I have been able to heal my skin, grow my hair longer and fuller, and help my body grow stronger. Some of the products contain natural healing properties, natural skin lightening elements, natural cleansing elements, etc. Each order is handcrafted with love and care after the order is recieved. Each product is made from fresh ingredients.


Fresh Coffee Grounds: 

  • removes dead skin cells; repairs skin tissue

  • exfoliates skin

  • tightens skin

  • brightens skin

  • reduces eye puffiness

Green Tea:

  • anti-inflammatory; soothes skin

  • controls oil production

  • reduces dark under-eye circles

  • moisturizes skin

  • tones skin

Not Your Average Product

This unique method of cleaning my face took some getting used to. The idea of not using soap to cleanse, for lack of better words, freaks people out! This products requires you to step out of your comfort zone, and relearn about what is safe and hazardous for your body.  

Unrefined Coconut Oil:

  • ultra moisturizing

  • antifungal, antibacterial (natural cleanser)

  • softens skin

  • natural sunblock (SPF 10)

  • may be too comedogenic for oily skin

Raw Honey:

  • antibacterial (natural cleanser)

  • clears pores

  • moistures skin

  • hydrates skin

  • lightens/tones skin

  • anti-inflammatory (soothes skin i.e. sunburns)