Tha Business

Our 4-Step daily cleansing and moisturizing system is a great combination for all skin types. Create your own beauty regimen with these items, using what you need only when its needed or all at once. Each product compliments the other, leaving the skin feeling extremely clean and soft!

Koffee in the Mornin'
Brown Suga Babe
Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea
Taste Like Candy

Here is a short video tutorial on how to use our "Tha Business" 4-step skin care package.

NOTE: When switching over to all natural products, your body may begin to go through changes. The human body is amazing because it can adapt to so many different changes surrounding it. If you have been using chemically enhanced products and switch to all-natural products that act as a detox, your body will break down its immunity to the chemicals . Detoxing your skin and deeply cleaning out the pores can make it become more sensitive to products and chemicals it may have been immune to. For more information about changes in your regimen please go to the "ABOUT : USING THE PRODUCTS" Section.