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Yo, DJ Almond Eyez here! This skin care line is my BABY! During my undergraduate, I began venturing into the world of alternative living, and stumbled across many different organic recipes that for facial care. I also began researching which natural ingredients could help aid with more melanated skin tones. Within a couple years, I created my own skin care regimen using all natural oils, butters, herbs, etc. My products contain NO Harsh chemicals or soaps. My skin has never looked so radiant ! I decided I wanted to share my recipes in the hopes of helping others beautify their skin! 


Click on links below to message me directly to address and questions or concerns you may have.

Also, check out some of my latest tunes. I am a multi-dimensional artist, who performs through DJing, Rap, Singing, and playing guitar. 


Message me directly for DJ and Performance Inquiries.


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