Change can be very difficult and sometimes frustrating. If you are not familiar with using natural products, your expectation when using Black Mantra products may differ greatly from your outcome.


Naturally, ingredients that do not mix well (like oil and water) may eventually separate, which is normal. Products that are liquid should be shaken prior to usage. Also, the temperature of your home can determine the consistency of your products. Products containing oils can melt down in hotter tempertures or solidify in colder tempertures. These changes, however, do not affect the way the product works. You can either pop the container into the fridge to turn it back to a solid, or run the container under hot water to turn it back to a liquid. 

Black Mantra does not use harsh chemicals. We use ingredients that are 100% All Natural and biodegradeable.

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Facial and Body Changes

Everyone's skin type is unique and will react differently to topical products as well as foods. Going natural is a process. When detoxing the body from harsh chemicals, it begins to break down its immunity to those elements. This means that you may not be able to continue some of the habits you obtained when developing your previous skin care regimen. When I first began swtiching to natural products, I soon realized I could no longer wear make up as often. My face would break out after sweating under foundation all day.  Also, our bodies tend to be very sensitive to soaps and fragrances. Switching soaps, fabric softeners, and even wearing a wet bathing suit too long can change the balanace of your pH level. Allow your body time to adjust to the changes.

  • Some oils can be too oily depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, adding oils to cleanse your skin may not be what your skin needs.


  • Its important to pay attention to what goes on your skin aside from Black Mantra Products and what goes into your body. Eating bad foods and poor hygiene can result in breakouts.


  • Any product can result in an allergic breakout if your body does not agree with its contents. Take your time figuring out your body's likes and dislikes.